has it already been three months since the last post! A lot has happened over the past three month. We’ve gone from living in a dorm with 80+ girls to moving into a small (very, very small) condo in Orange County. Here are a few pictures to document the past three months.


My beloved Head RAs took Rick and I on a weekend away to Carmel. They spoiled us! We've been so blessed with so many wonderful girls in our four years in Carl M. Sweazy Hall


One of the many photos from the weekend. This one we call: "Happiness"


A whole slew of us from Sweazy graduated. I completed my MABC, most of the girls completed their Bachelor's degree and Morgan borrowed a cap and gown to be in pictures 🙂


Rick's parents are spending the summer here in California. It was a joy to have them come up from Brazil in time to celebrate my graduation as well as Rick's brother-in-law's graduation.



The Fab Five had headed north at the May for a weekend reunion. As per usual, this weekend was full of laughter, ridiculous amounts of food and more laughter. So thankful that the Lord has kept these girls in my life.


Additional highlights in the month of May:

* getting to spend some time with my dear friend Kathy and see her not-so-baby girl, Maggie, in action.

* reminiscing while packing up our home for the past four years and remembering all of the wonderful relationships that the Lord has placed in our life and trusting that He’ll continue to preserve them despite our move.

* MOVING to Orange County (and being humbled by the selflessness and generosity of our friends and family).

* have kind friends and family come and visit (Adrienne, Danae, Jenn, Siona, Timothy).

It’s been hard to say goodbye to this past season of life and all of the people that we love at the college. But, we’re confident that the Lord will be kind and faithful in this new season that He has moved us onto.



The world of blogging is a tricky one. What should the theme be? What should each post contain? What does one do if one has nothing to say?

Welll…I’ve decided that “Away We Go” will be more a photo journal and less verbiage. Hope that’s okay.


Valentine's Day. This is a small token from evening full of thoughtful and precious gestures.

Took a mini road trip with Haley & Bob to San Clemente. We absolutely LOVE the ocean.


It was Morgie's 23rd birthday this month. She's grown up so fast. Sigh. Glad she still loves the simple pleasures of donuts & Star Wars.


Took a quick trek up to Santa Cruz. Had a laughter-filled visit with dear Bethee along with plenty of good, good eats.


This was probably the highlight of the month -- an RA-RA Reunion with all but one of my RAs throughout the years. I'm confident that words simply cannot convey how special this evening was and how very much I love each of them!

“…of old you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the word of your hands. They will perish, but you endure; they will all wear out like a garment, you change them like raiment, and they pass away; but you are the SAME, and your years have no end.”

As the new year begins, I’m reminded that life is continually changing, growing, and moving. I’m thankful that He is always the same yesterday, today and forever.

JANUARY...kicked off the year with a powder puff football game. Lots of fun and lots of bruises.

FEBRUARY...was blessed with yet another awesome RA team. This was one of many outings to Sprinkles.

MARCH...took a quick road trip up to the Central Coast and found a new favorite foodie spot.

APRIL...SLS retreat to SD. So thankful for this group of girls!

MAY...celebrated Rick's 26th birthday by fulfilling his life-long dream to go laser tagging. Loads.O. Fun!

JUNE...Went on our anniversary cruise to the Med Sea. Was a sweet, sweet time of rest and exploring.

JULY...Had a small cousin hang out. We love our families!

AUGUST...The biggest freshmen class arrived at TMC. We are so thankful for each of them and have already been blessed by their friendship!

SEPTEMBER...Went on our bi-annual SLS retreat to SD. This time we took some of our new freshmen with us. Am inexplicably thankful for this RA-RA team and SLS team. They serve faithfully and well.

OCTOBER...Went on our first Land Cruise with the Cruise Crew from 2009. We love this group and hope for many more "cruises" to come!

NOVEMBER...Took a quick trip down to see Papa. Again, we have so many family and friends to be thankful for.

DECEMBER...This was our third RED Christmas. We are so thankful for the Lord's kindness and were amazed yet again by how gracious He truly has been. And...we love being married : )

Turkey-less Thanksgiving (the turkey and pilgrim)

Turkey-less Thanksgiving (our resident Indian and raccoon)

we love living in California


we love living in California #2

Mama Ko comes for a visit

picking up our THIRD Christmas tree! (but our very first without Beth...sigh)


“Your lovingkindness, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” (Psalm 36:6)


This past month has been a steady stream of events. Rick did a phenomenal job planning and putting together a wonderful birthday weekend. It began with a date day for the two of us, which was then followed by a fun birthday dinner and then a gathering at our apartment here in Sweazy. The next day our Cruise Crew headed up to Santa Barbara for our first Land Cruise which involved a whole lot of laughing, eating, and more laughing (much like our first cruise adventure to Mexico). I was deeply humbled by the kindness of the people around me that Thursday through Sunday, especially sweet Rick.


Since then life has pressed on. Rick started his new position at Farmer’s in the APT office. He’s enjoyed the training and meeting new co-workers as well as the different set of skills he is learning and developing It has been a very full and very fun Fall here at Master’s. This past weekend we took a random trip down to San Diego to check out an Etsy Fair and squeezed in a quick trip to Papa’s. Bob, Haley and Jenn joined us for our quick one night down there. It was good to see Papa and so fun to see Sam and spend the afternoon with him.


We are continually reminded of how kind the Lord is to us and how much grace He has showered upon us and are so very thankful.


The Cruise Crew


Santa Barbara Mission

The Birthday Serenade

One of the many birthday pit stops

Game Night with one of Sweazy's small groups

Bob & Haley @ Papa's

The Boys

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the NANC conference in Lafayette, Indiana with Dave, Karrie and Siona. Not only did I get to attend a wonderfully refreshing conference but we also got to see a few friends on the front and back end of the trip. The trip began with a visit to the Knapp Farm where Keith and Kay opened up their home to us. They showed us such warm hospitality and gave us a small taste of farm life.

After the conference, I headed up to visit Jackie in East Lansing. It was so fun to see her life there at Michigan State and to just spend time enjoying some simple pleasures. From Michigan I trekked down to Louisville, Kentucky for a quick visit to the Gundersens. We toured Boyce College (where Gunner is now the Student Activities Director) and had the unique opportunity to meet with the Deans of the college.

Although it was hard to be away from Rick, it was good to be refreshed and encouraged by the conference and wonderful to be with far-away friends.

just experiencing a little farm life

sweet Jac

autumn colors